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Why Mondays Are Awesome!

A fun little book that shows you that Mondays can be really great!


ATTENTION: This is a fun item.

Immerse yourself in the bizarre world of beginnings of the week with the book Why Mondays Are Awesome!. This amusing fun book is the perfect gift idea for anyone who needs a touch of humor and who doesn't, especially on Mondays? This book is all about the ironic side of montage. With the recurring words "They're not." On every page, the supposed virtues of this start to the week are presented in a deliciously sarcastic manner.

This book makes an excellent gift for people of all ages who don't always take themselves too seriously and like to laugh heartily. It's ideal for friends, colleagues, family members or anyone who can use a dose of satire and good humor. 

Give away the book Why Mondays Are Awesome! along with a voucher for a cozy coffee on Monday morning in a popular café. Or create a personalized voucher for a relaxing Monday evening, be it a movie night, a visit to the spa or a culinary journey of discovery. This combination of laughter and enjoyment is guaranteed to make for an unforgettable gift-giving experience.

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Erhältlich als: Taschenbuch

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